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improving performance in people and process


There seems to be an increasing pressure in all areas of society to deliver more with less resource, increase efficiency, reduce waste and cost, work harder and so on. Recent world economic events have fuelled this drive and forced different ways of thinking in organisations previously considered immune to any requirement for change.

If the need for change is urgent and particularly when it is driven by external bodies or events, "knee-jerk" reactions become more common. Costs can be cut and organisations restructured, for example, without considering all the relevant implications both short and long term.


Turning - Point works with clients in both the private and public sectors and across a range of industries and activities to deliver improved results.

This is achieved through appropriate training and coaching work, supported where necessary by relevant consultancy activities. This website has more detailed information which might be relevant to your situation.

Alternatively Contact Us to discuss how your changes might be delivered most effectively.